Thursday , August 13th 2020
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Adolescence: growing up pangs for the plus size teenager!!

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Adolescence is perhaps the single most trying period in a person’s life… even more so for growing girls. The most important factor is that a warped adolescence can and does mentally maim a girl for life… as parents you need to do whatever you can to help your child through. And if you thought growing up pangs are bad, it is a thousand times more stressful for a plus size teenage girl.

On the one hand she has to deal with puberty and growing responsibilities, and on the other hand, a tag label that follows her everywhere and dictates most of her actions!

So, what are the typical issues faced by a plus size pre-teen and teen?

Let us take a look…

plus size teenager
  • Confidence questions: it is hard for a regular teenager to take stock of the physical changes and tackle puberty. But for a plus size teen, it is a question of adjusting to her changing body and plus size teens can have more complicated situations with puberty. This results in confidence issues as the girl has a constant self-questioning about the additional changes in her body.

  • Least Popularity because of weight: added pounds can have a detrimental effect on her confidence and self esteem. Your child might be scared of being unpopular because of her weight.

  • Peer pressure and bullying: results from her sense of low self esteem and others take advantage of the situation to bully her.

  • Clothes and fashion: your child might find it difficult to adjust her figure to the styles and clothes that are available in the market. If she is unable to dress and style herself according to her taste and her weight acts as a disadvantage, it can make her adolescence a very trying period indeed.

  • Crushes and fear of rejection because of weight: she might refuse to socialize for fear that her weight will stop people from accepting her. Thus fear of rejection and peer pressure can make her teenage years a trial.

  • Self depreciation: results from lack of self confidence and self-esteem. This can also lead to negative feelings and lack of self worth!

  • Stress because of weight and depression: stress is an inevitable part of life during your growing years, but it is even worse for girls who are pressed down by weight woes.
  • Inability to communicate: thoughts of depreciation can bring about refusal to open up and communicate. She might even refuse to communicate with you thereby adding more problems to her growing up years.

As parents it is not easy to watch your daughter suffer like this…what can you do?

Follow the pointers to tackle the growing up pangs faced by a plus size teen:

  • Shift the weight question to health and fitness question: Make sure you inculcate the idea of “health is wealth”. The moment your child realizes that it is essential to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle, no matter what her weight she will focus on the more positive aspects of the weight issues. Promote good health and fitness with regular exercise, and watch your child learn to accept her size.

  • Induce exercise: Maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle will mean lots of exercise and other physical activities so that she can affect better lifestyle. Her depression and stress levels will also reduce as she continues to indulge in healthy exercise regimens. Exercise is not just good for the body; it does wonders for the mind as well!

  • Communicate with your child: help her understand that her size does not define her personality… she can have friends, have a life irrespective of her size! Acceptance is the first step and for that you need to communicate.

  • Inculcate sense of value for who she is, not what her status is: her status has hardly anything to do with the way she can enjoy her life. Help her understand that she can do many things irrespective of size and stature.

  • Help her to recognize and accept her plus size status: the moment she can accept her plus size status and value herself, that’s when she will get over her weight woes.

  • Help her build confidence with praise: a good and regular dose of praise will go far to boost her confidence levels.

  • Join your daughter in meditation, dancing etc.: fun activities that keep her body and mind in great shape. As you join her you enjoy quality time with your child, and a good bond can bring her out of her troubles.

  • Help her with plus size fashion for teens: online and offline, both stores are replete with new and brighter plus size fashion. Even haute couture culture has taken a liking to plus size fashion.

Plus size fashion and lifestyle is being promoted by leading stores and fashion labels. You have nothing to fear, just help your child flaunt those curves with confidence!!

Now that you know the issues a plus size teen can undergo, help your girl, and watch her blossom into a beautiful person!!