Friday , July 10th 2020
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Anxiety and Me

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I am familiar with pressure, tension and panic assaults on theory but to experience them in a weird manner has end up debilitating for me.

I actually have a sedentary way of life, working in an surroundings this is goal oriented, married and has a 1 12 months old daughter. I can thoroughly offer for the each day needs of my circle of relatives but while you aspire for monetary balance, dream for a house of your own and vehicle to force normal, there is a experience of urgency to do them all together. However, fact will now not conform to your dreams. You have to plan, prioritize and do matters one after some other and it takes a while.

4 months ago I skilled surprising shortness of breath, feeling of imminent doom, chest tightness and numbness of extremities. I was rushed to a clinical facility wherein I changed into recognized with hypertensive urgency. A battery of tests have been performed and confirmed inside regular outcomes. Dietary changes, life-style change and oral medications had been given.

I thought all of the even as it turned into a solitary occasion and my lifestyles may be lower back to normal, however it turned into no longer to be. After discharge from the medical institution, straight away upon sitting in the car, my shortness of breath returned, I changed into trying to calm myself with the aid of questioning that this is most effective mental however to no avail. I opened the window and the push of air slowly made my nostrils clean and I started to breathe evidently.

Each time I power the auto, this surprising shortness of breath returns, once in a while accompanied by way of palpitations and tingling sensations in my extremities. It makes me pull-over, switch off the air conditioner and open the windows to permit for the warm air.

As I research and study literature concerning these signs, it begins to suit the outline of tension. I can be having generalized anxiety sickness.

I carried out a few self assist approaches to calm myself which include taking deep respiratory physical activities, walking, counting my advantages, taking note of aural tune and others however it may have simplest helped a chunk.

My bouts of tension have made my nose stuffy maximum of the time however one day inside the workplace, at the same time as writing a letter in the pc, I all at once felt my nose clearing, my respiration cold, my chest tightening and become approximately to pass out. I hurriedly went out of the room and was once more rushed to the emergency room. And EKG become executed, blood assessments performed and all returned with ordinary effects.

Additional out-patient techniques have been conducted along with pressure-echo, 2D echo, 24 hours holter monitoring and others. The consequences have been non-great and did no longer warrant in addition exams. My thyroid characteristic changed into also assessed however it become everyday too.

I become feeling lethargic for maximum of the times final week and once more had a check-up. My entire blood rely and electrolytes had been checked and any other EKG achieved, nonetheless with everyday consequences.

It could be very debilitating, I must preserve pronouncing to my self that this is anxiety and I must stay with it until it resolves. I am also taking into consideration of andropause, can or not it’s considering I am 41 y.O. Already?

Whatever it’s miles I need to stay with it, Pray to God for top fitness and agree with Him that He will heal me. All these I entrust to Him.