Friday , August 14th 2020
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Beauty reigns in all shapes and sizes: plus points of being a “plus” size woman!!

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Why care what the world thinks? It is what YOU think that matters. The world is leaving the concept of anorexia and bulimia way behind. While “skinny” eats dust, you move around regally, flaunting ample curves and oozing confidence to die for!! 

Let’s see what plus size celebrities have to say: “Call it crazy or ironic or simply perfect justice, but when I stopped starving myself, my career took off.” That’s leading plus size model Crystal Renn for you…

So, what makes it a plus to be a plus size woman in the 21st Century?

Beauty reigns in all shapes and sizes

Here is listing them with a relish… 

  • Eat what you want, when you want!!

    When you accept that you are a wee bit over-size, you can hardy find reason to abstain from delicious food. You are what you are and you need what you need! Plus sizes can actually sympathize with all those anorexic women who obsess about their weight, and who abstain from food!! Plus size women don’t have all those cares, we eat when we want, what we want! No use keeping away from that yummy chocolate cake and sulking! The one thing that we have learned is that when you avoid your food cravings, you feel more stressed out and depressed.
  • Greater chances at surviving risks!!

    The common thought is that plus sizes have greater risks health wise and otherwise. Not True: it is when you are obese AND lazy – that’s when you have health issues and infirmities. If you are fat AND fit, you have a greater chance at beating some disease when it raises its ugly head. The fat in our body can actually prolong our lifespan by protecting us against factors that can lead to premature death. The extra pounds act as boosters when we are recuperating from illness. What’s more, fit and fat people who are adequately health conscious, have normal levels of blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • Greater longevity

    Research shows that plus size women show greater response and receptivity to medication. And we have healthier blood sugar and cholesterol levels, not to mention we have a lesser risk of heart complications than our “skinny” counterparts. Thus, lesser health issues imply greater longevity!!
  • Radiance to die for

    Plus size women have a healthier skin than women who do not eat healthy. It all boils down to giving in to our needs for healthy and sometimes unhealthy junk food. But we are careful about our health and so we stick more to healthy stuff. That ensures us of good nutrition which shows on our skin. Eat healthy to look healthy and that includes radiant skin. A fuller face can also hide wrinkles and sagging skin better to give us a more youthful appearance.
  • Greater strength and bone structure: bigger is better!

    Plus size women have more weight that acts as padding around our skeletal system, not only cushioning us from injuries, but also avoiding osteoporosis. We have a stronger skeletal system when compared to our “straight size” counterparts. Skinny and bony women have a greater tendency towards diseases like osteoporosis.
  • Reduces chances of miscarriage

    Now we usually think that plus size women have greater risks during pregnancy, including miscarriage. But research shows otherwise. Women with a Body Mass index score between 18.5 and 25 showed lesser chances of miscarriage in their first trimester than those who had lower BMI scores.
  • Affect a host of varieties in fashion

    Contrary to popular belief, clothes fit us better than thin women. Why? Because we have ample curves to fill out our clothes better!!  And we can choose to vary our styles as we continue to experiment…and we make heads turn with the right fashion statement. All it takes is a little bit of care and we can rock the fashion world!

But all of this is applicable only when you are health conscious, being a plus size woman does not mean being overly obese!!

Hope these plus points of being a plus size inspire you to wear your size with élan; it is God’s gift after all!!