Friday , July 3rd 2020
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Break the Chains with Super 7 “Feel Good Therapies” for a burst of confidence!!

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You might think that life has been cruel to you…all because you feel pressurized with the “plus-size” tag….So what if you belong to the plus size category, who cares, really?!  Life has so much to offer and here you are, forsaking the simpler pleasures of life with your pre-occupation with size!! When will you look at the “bigger picture”?! (NO PUN INTENDED)

It only requires a positive self-image to help you break the shackles of low-confidence and awkwardness and fight your inner stress and turmoil.
And some small and easy-to-avail feel good therapies will help you be confident…BE YOURSELF!

Now the question is: WHAT are the “Feel-good” therapies that are beneficial for you?

Here’s the answer:

Categorized for your benefit are the different measures to boost confidence…

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Reiki: It is a simple Core Healing Practice, a descendent from the ancient medicine practices.Reiki adjusts your energy on various levels – physical, emotional, mental, as well as spiritual. Reiki relaxes your mind and body, gently nudging away the tensions held within.

Reiki treatment can be meant for the full body or for any specific problem area. Apart from being harmless; Reiki also works alongside any other treatment you might be undergoing simultaneously.
Nordic Walking: It is just an enhancement of ordinary walking but with twice the effect! It uses poles; so that your upper body muscles will get a thorough work-out as well as your legs. The poles also propel the walker to walk harder and faster.It can be practiced by anybody, anywhere, and the best part is that you do not require any expensive clothing or equipment.

Nordic walking is the fastest developing and flourishing fitness activity because it is affordable, effective and FUN!

mordic walking

Thai Reflexology: This unique treatment concentrates on the lower leg and the knee, traces over the foot, and works on certain reflex areas to release the tension and blocked energy within your body. It focuses on all the acupressure points and using the lymph drainage techniques, it speeds up your blood circulation.    

Thai Reflexology

Aromatherapy Massage: It is a slow, relaxing massage using pure and essential plant oils. It can be used to treat a wide range of ailments. It is relaxing to the mind and body; reduces stress, tension and anxiety; calms over-active minds and also enhances the mood.    

Pulsing: It is a means of providing rhythmical movements to relax and energize the body. The bodywork combines a mix of stretching, uplifting and rotating with regular rhythmic rocking for joint releases.

It releases muscular and emotional tension. It develops an inner sense of movements, helps you with easier and deeper breathing, provides overall cellular stimulation…not to mention the wave-like movements that help you an inner flow and reach your inner wisdom.    

Music: Researches have shown that music has a profound effect on your mind and body. Hence the growing popularity of “music therapy” which uses music for healing purposes.

Music relaxes breathing and heart rate. It also provides you with a positive state of mind. Your favorite music also helps you maintain low blood pressure, enhances immunity and also eases muscle tension.    

Movies: Advocates of “cinema therapy” are saying that movies can actually change the way we think, feel and also the way we deal with the ups and downs of life. Gary Solomon, PhD, MPH, MSW, and also the author of “The Motion Picture Prescription and Reel Therapy” states that,

“It can have a positive effect on most people except those suffering from psychotic disorders.” 

These feel-good therapies will slowly work on your self-perception and self-image. But for an immediate boost of confidence; do the following:

  • Dress yourself in quality clothes that accentuate your positive features and hide your flaws.
  • Walk confidently. Moreover, if you walk fast, you will look and feel good about yourself.
  • Carry yourself with a good posture.
  • Listen to motivational speech; especially just before any important task/assignment.
  • Compliment other people around you. This breaks the cycle of negativity.
  • Speak your mind; even in the minutest of situations.
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The more confident you are, the better you will be able to enjoy every aspect of your life! Take charge…live a life that you do deserve.