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Eating the Right Fats May Reduce Anxiety

There has been a huge upward push in anxiety tiers amongst Americans, said Ruth Whippman, creator, journalist and documentary filmmaker, in her e book titled "America the Anxious: How our pursuit of happiness is growing a state of apprehensive wrecks." The e-book explores... Read more

What Causes Anxiety In Children?

Anxiety in kids is a everyday part of childhood development. Anxiety disorders are not unusual and commonly have an effect on one in 8 youngsters. This phase is commoRead more

P for Plus-Size…P for Positives!

When you look into the mirror do you see a woman with pain and frustration in her eyes because your reflection does not portray what your eyes ‘want to see’? Why let shape, size and numbers on the scale determine how you face your life and LIVE ... Read more

Eat Healthy To Maintain Your Plus-Size!

If you are plus size it just means you got all the curves in the right places! And so far as you are a healthy and fit “big” woman, you should be proud of it! And what is the key to being fit and plus-size? Yes, it is in the food you eat…. ... Read more

Plus Size Fashion: Flaunt Your Curves!!

Shakespeare said, “Clothes maketh a man”, and going by it YOU can make a difference too, with your fashion statement! 

Read more

Health & Fitness issues for a Plus size woman!!

Statistics all around will tell you that being “obese” puts you at risk from some specific types of health issues. But it does not necessarily follow that being a “plus size” automatically means you WILL suffer from ill health and ailments. Heck... Read more

Plan Your Wedding ‘Plus Size’ Too!

Your size should be the last thing to consider when you imagine yourself as a bride. Just because your waistline does not match that of a supermodel, it does not mean that you cannot steal the limelight on your special day!

If you want to... Read more

Is Your Plus size Coming In Way Of Celebrating Your Pregnancy?

As you flip through the pregnancy magazines it is full of scary prospects for the plus size moms! You go to the maternity stores and you find it a challenge to find some decent maternity clothes! So… your confidence has hit a rock bottom, and, a... Read more

Plus Size Acceptance: The first step towards Loving your Size!!

Being a “big” girl is not a sin!!  Irrespective of the raging controversies and labels that advertise the “perfect size”, being a plus sized woman is not a fault. So what if God gifted you with ample curves and a gorgeous figure!! A Gift is... Read more

Beauty reigns in all shapes and sizes: plus points of being a “plus” size woman!!

Why care what the world thinks? It is what YOU think that matters. The world is leaving the concept of anorexia and bulimia way behind. While “skinny” eats dust, you move around regally, flaunting ample curves and oozing confidence to die for!!&... Read more

The Plus Size Woman’s Guide To Boost Confidence

Does your plus size status make you shy to go out and meet new people? But your size is not the only thing that defines you. After all, your personality alone can do a great job of impressing others.  If your size is playing culprit and preve... Read more

Romance for the Girl with a Plus size heart!!

It is disheartening to know that most “big” girls refuse to give themselves a chance at love and happily ever-afters!

It’s a moment awaited with bated breath and exciting anticipation…a moment of ultimate fulfillment as a woman…It is a moment of “Love Realized”! It is a moment when you can leave the rest of the world behind to be in your man’s arms! But do you ... Read more

Break the Chains with Super 7 “Feel Good Therapies” for a burst of confidence!!

You might think that life has been cruel to you…all because you feel pressurized with the “plus-size” tag….So what if you belong to the plus size category, who cares, really?!  Life has so much to offer and here you are, forsaking the simpler... Read more

4 Healthy Tips to cope with Depression for the +size Woman!!

Statistics show that women are more prone to depression, if the words of WebMDRead more

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