Friday , July 3rd 2020
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Enhance Your Looks With Plus Size Make-Up Tips

Unsure about make-up? Hesitant to put on your favorite red-lipstick or sporting smoky eyes?

Let’s get straight to the point…all these hesitations…uncertainty, inhibitions will result in nothing…it will only result in heart-break and wasted ... Read more

Top Tips for plus size women ready to mingle!!

The other party is going to date you, not your size. So it hardly matters what your status in the size hierarchy is…’plus size’ stamp be hanged! But surely you can revise the quick and efficient tips when it comes to dating. So you are ready ... Read more

Adolescence: growing up pangs for the plus size teenager!!

Adolescence is perhaps the single most trying period in a person’s life… even more so for growing girls. The most important factor is that a warped adolescence can and does mentally maim a girl for life… as parents you need to do whatever you ca... Read more