Friday , August 14th 2020
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Enhance Your Looks With Plus Size Make-Up Tips

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Unsure about make-up? Hesitant to put on your favorite red-lipstick or sporting smoky eyes?

Let’s get straight to the point…all these hesitations…uncertainty, inhibitions will result in nothing…it will only result in heart-break and wasted opportunities. It is time to get over your fears and be practical about your make-up ideas. Because one thing is for sure…what might look good on a slim and petite woman might not exactly look good on you.

Here are some practical make-up tips for you:

Foundation: Opt for a foundation which is powder based and not paste like or cream based. A powder foundation has a lighter feel and is ‘less dewy’, so your skin doesn’t appear as if it is perspiring all the time! Also, while purchasing a foundation, make sure that it matches your skin tone. Don’t forget to blend the foundation well. Otherwise it will look as if you have put on a mask and will also emphasize the roundness of your face.

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Eye make – up : Play up your eye make-up. However, don’t be too dramatic with your eyes. Light neutral shades work the best. To emphasize your eyes, choose a shade of eye shadow that complements what you’re wearing. You should also apply a lighter shade right under your brow line.

Apply eyeliner on your upper and lower eye lids. The rule here again is not to be too dramatic…For make-up, opt for colors which suit your dress and hair color. Apart from dark brownish-black, dark smoky hued blue or a charcoal brown; nudes, beiges, creams are also ideal.

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Lip make – up : Choose lip colors that will complement your skin color and will go great with your dress. They should be attractive and not boring but don’t go over the top. Don’t shy away from colors. Keep on experimenting until you have found the right color. For making more of a statement with your lips, you could also zero in on a sparkly lip gloss as it will induce a shiny effect. 

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Blush: When you purchase blush, make sure that it complements your hair and your skin tone. It should never look artificial. Neutral and soft colors like pink, peach or rose are safe colors. 

How to make sure that you are applying the blush in the right place? Smile and dab it on the fullest part of your cheeks in a circular, gentle motion.

Want to look slimmer because of your blush? Fashion magazines recommend applying a darker shade of blush just below the apples of our cheeks.

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Glitters: You should avoid all that shines and glitters. Your round cheeks will catch light and if you are wearing shiny make-up your skin will look oily and sweaty!

So, are you feeling more confident about putting on make-up now?