Tuesday , August 11th 2020
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Flytool Ab Straps Core Exercise Equipment Training Gym Abdominal Hanging Straps

Product Features:

    Flytool Ab StrapsGet stronger, Get betterProduct Details:· Hanging Ab Straps (Pair)· Heavy-Duty, Rip-Resistant Nylon· Adjustable Length Support· Thick, Padded Arm Sleeves· Sweat and Odor Resistant Fabric· Supports Up to 441 pounds.FunctionSimple tools, big use.You can do lots of exercise such as core training, leg raises, knees to chest, arm…
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Product Description

Flytool Ab Straps
Get stronger, Get better
Product Details:
· Hanging Ab Straps (Pair)
· Heavy-Duty, Rip-Resistant Nylon
· Adjustable Length Support
· Thick, Padded Arm Sleeves
· Sweat and Odor Resistant Fabric
· Supports Up to 441 pounds.
Simple tools, big use.
You can do lots of exercise such as core training, leg raises, knees to chest, arm work out with our high-quality Ab straps to bulid Core Muscle Groups.
Whether you are at home or outdoors or at the gym, all you need is a fixed bar and the straps. This ensures you get that ripped look you want with improved efficiency in every workout.
Heavy-Duty Weight Support
Strong enough to hold up to 441 pounds. our tear-resistant hanging straps even come with steel carabiners to ensure they lock in tight and hold firm around the bar.
Versatile Hanging Options
These heavy-duty hanging straps can be hung almost anywhere to help you get a belly workout, and you need to build a stronger, tighter, more defined core, including pull and chin up bars, cross-fitness platforms, or multi-gym bars.

Product Features

  • Exercise effect MAX! – To exercise strong core strength, the primary choice for professionals is the ab strap. Eliminate all other external disturbances. Prevent the use of the power of other muscles, only focus on the abdominal muscles. Stretch your abdominal muscles by simply lifting your legs. Fitness fanatic HIGHLY RECOMMEND
  • HUGE D-RING STEEL HOOK – is appropriate to home, gym and even outdoor( standard door pull up bars, chin up bars, various gym equipment, outdoor horizontal bars, train wherever you want). Obesity and weakness in the body always start from the abdomen. If you find that your belly is getting more and more fat, it is time to start a round of abdominal strengthening training with AB STRAP
  • HIGH STRENGTH NYLON WEBBING and LOCKABLE HOOK – keep you away from the worry of safety. Maximum weight can withstand 441 pounds. SUPER HUGE SOFT LEATHER FOAMS ensures your comfortable experience during the long-time training. So don’t hesitate any more. Regardless of professionalism, safety or comfort, our ab straps will give you the perfect fitness environment. YOU HAVE NO REASON TO ESCAPE
  • UNIQUE DESIGN – Through long-term ERGONOMIC research by our design team, we create our comfortable, stable and durable ab straps. Effectively reduce the pressure on the shoulder during exercise and spread the pressure to the arm. Stability is among the best in all ab straps. As long as you use our products, you will find it extraordinary
  • 100% YEAR ROUND WARRANTY – If you are ready to completely remodel your abdominals, our ab straps will escort your fitness. In the meantime, if you encounter any quality or training problems, you could inform us. We will solve it for you immediately. All you need to do is devote yourself to abdominal muscle training. SO! are you ready for this?