Tuesday , August 11th 2020
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Gymnastics Rings with Adjustable Straps

Gymnastics Rings with Adjustable Straps
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Features: Wood gym rings

✔The size of our wooden gymnastic rings and straps: outer diameter: 9.25″, inner diameter: 6.7″, ring thickness: 1.25″, 15ft long and 1″ wide straps. All the data show that our products have great comfort and sense of security.

✔The maximum load capacity of FEMOR exercise rings are 1100lb(500Kg). They are strong enough for any people with any body sizes.

✔2 gym rings with two rings straps enable you to do any kind of exercise you want, such as pull-ups, dips, rows, and muscle ups. Men, women, kids and even the old can use them easily and safely. Just hang the rings around a strong steel, slide the sling from underneath the buckle and adjust both straps to be the same height. Then you can enjoy your training.

✔A pair of gymnastic rings will benefit your whole families. Every one can use them to do exercise. As parents, they are also good gift for kids.

✔Just add them into cart, you mustn’t miss them. They are worth buying!

Specifications: Premium gym ring 

☛Material: Birch wood & Nylon strap & Iron buckle

☛Outer Diameter: 9.25 inches (23.5cm)

☛Inner Diameter: 6.7 inches (17cm)

☛Ring Thickness: 1.25 inches (3.2cm)

☛Strap Width: 1 inches (2.5cm)

☛Strap Length: 15ft (4.6m)

☛Weight Capacity: 1100lb (500kg)

Package Included:

◆2x Birch wood gymnastic rings

◆2x Nylon straps & buckles

◆1x User Manual