Friday , July 3rd 2020
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Health & Fitness issues for a Plus size woman!!

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Statistics all around will tell you that being “obese” puts you at risk from some specific types of health issues. But it does not necessarily follow that being a “plus size” automatically means you WILL suffer from ill health and ailments. Heck, there are thinner people who are daily being felled by the very same health problems!!

Even so, you might be susceptible to certain key health disadvantages, but it is nothing that cannot be handled with a bit of care… 


So, what are the health factors that you need to be extra careful about?

Here are some of the typical problems a “plus size” woman might come across:

  • Arthritis: usually does not discriminate between gender, age, weight…and “healthy” women might be slightly more prone to arthritis than “regular” sized people.

 However, that doesn’t mean it is all that different for plus sizes, it is just that you might suffer the problems a bit more intensely.

  • Thyroid: one of the first things that your doctor might discuss with you once you conceive. Even before that, you might feel worried about your thyroid problems. You need to look out for hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism!

  • Diabetes: is more frequent in ‘fuller’ women…and you could find yourself facing several restrictions with stern orders from the doctor to follow them all!! 

  • High Blood Pressure: another problem most plus size women will face probably all their lives…Not to mention your pregnancy can become complicated because of this…

  • Triglycerides: and metabolism abnormalities are more frequent in obese women.

All these big and scary names brings a host of queries in your mind right?

But you have means of protecting yourself against such health disadvantages…try keeping fit with:

  • Exercise: there are innumerable options to choose from, and they are also easy to follow. Size has no bearing on the necessity to keep fit through regular exercise.

  • Yoga: you might be surprised at the sheer benefit yoga has on regular sizes, and the benefits for us plus sized women are endless! 

Now that you know the health issues that might become a bit of a complication in your life, you will have endless queries about them too…that’s why you should take a look at our inner pages where all the details are made clear to you.

This was just an overview, to get the full benefits of a host of information, don’t forget to visit our inner pages!!!