Friday , July 3rd 2020
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Is Your Plus size Coming In Way Of Celebrating Your Pregnancy?

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As you flip through the pregnancy magazines it is full of scary prospects for the plus size moms! You go to the maternity stores and you find it a challenge to find some decent maternity clothes! So… your confidence has hit a rock bottom, and, as you stare at your bulging belly you blame yourself for undertaking such risk with your health and your unborn child, with fingers pointing to your plus size!

Is this you?

If yes, you are almost losing the battle without giving a fight!

Statistics say that around 50% women aged between 25 and 55 are plus-sized. This implies that if you fall under this group, you constitute a significant percent of all moms. Plus, think of the yesteryears when women were pleasantly rounded without any concerns or anxiety about getting pregnant and giving birth to perfectly healthy babies!

Rest assured and stop panicking! Plus size women do and can have smooth pregnancies followed by delivering healthy, adorable babies!

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  • How to celebrate pregnancy leaving aside the concerns of being plus-size?

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