Friday , July 10th 2020
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My Timer Stops Fires

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I have the eye span of a fruit fly. I also have the dedication of a pit bull. Which one comes to a decision to reveal up at any given minute is every body’s wager. So each time I need to recollect some thing, anything, I set that blaring timer at the fridge, even if it is for two mins. I will do something to save you anxiety from getting inside the way of my day and to help myself and fitness, literally. Past records has been my instructor.

No longer do I just get into bed after ready four hours for my head to close down, get comfy, then all of a unexpected sit down instantly up, blurt out an expletive, throw off the covers, search for my turn-flops, take hold of a sweater, and head out the lower back door at 2 a.M. In the darkish, down the walkway to the laundry room in which my clothes are waiting inside the washer spun and wet.

Then there may be cooking. If I want it to be safe to eat, I even have 2 choices – stay within the kitchen and watch water boil, or set the timer and deliver it round with me. Yes, I truely try this. My budget doesn’t allow for wasted meals, and my belly doesn’t take kindly to it being burnt.

And I’m not happy with it, but without a doubt no longer ashamed to admit, that years in the past I set my studio on fireplace. Yep, there I became out at the patio, in my swing with the tune gambling and focused on I do not know what, after I began to smell something. Oh ****, I forgot! I leaped out of that swing so fast, slid sideways as I rounded the nook simply in time to get thru the door and see flames rising to the ceiling from the grease I positioned within the pan to fry up bird tenders for lunch.

Yes, those are extremes, and I know one had the capacity to be being existence-threatening (no, my location failed to burn down absolutely, however the stove and cabinets have been fatally wounded), but if I can do some thing as simple as set a timer so I can fully focus on something task I’ve now moved onto, then that is exactly what I’m going to do. I refuse to be held prisoner through my anxiety, nor watch the purple paint dry at the birdhouse I started 10 mins ago.

There’s never a stupid moment when you have bipolar disease and anxiety sprinkled with ADHD. Whether my mind is completely distracted with the aid of my contemporary fleeting concept, or absolutely obsessing over my modern day superb idea, putting my timer maintains me fear-unfastened, my clothes timely wiped clean, and the hearth truck parked properly in its garage down the road!