Sunday , July 5th 2020
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P for Plus-Size…P for Positives!

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When you look into the mirror do you see a woman with pain and frustration in her eyes because your reflection does not portray what your eyes ‘want to see’? Why let shape, size and numbers on the scale determine how you face your life and LIVE IT?

Look again in the mirror…can’t you see a beautiful woman with a spirited soul, lots of aspirations and bold ready-for-challenge attitude?

You just need to boost your self esteem and confidence…and you can achieve it all!

Start with…

Size acceptance! It is very important that you look beyond your weight and feel good about those curves.

And don’t just always harp upon all the negatives of being a plus size woman! In fact, you are not even required to search for long to find out the plus points of being a plus size woman.

Did you know that your extra weight and the fat build-up in your body can actually help you to stay strong during illness and lend a hand in recovery?

You may contradict… some things are easier to say than perform! Agreed!

Your plus-size may have kept you withdrawn and embarrassed during your adolescent years. May be you couldn’t muster the courage of expressing your feelings for your high school heart throb or felt afraid to go out on a date …just because of those curves! But don’t you want the man-of-your-life to accept and love the ‘complete woman’ that you are and not just your physical attributes? Think on it…

And does your shyness inhibit you from enjoying sex? But romance and sex is more about mindset and attitude than body!

There is just question that you need to be truthful about…

Do you like your life like this? Can you live like this forever?

This is one life my friend… and there’s no certainty that you will get a second chance. So, make the most of it!

Build up your confidence. Do new things…if you wish, you can even avail of some feel good therapies! You are pretty, spirited and most importantly loving… all that embodies a complete woman!

About those curves…you most certainly cannot let them set the rules of your life!

Set your own rules…and for all the help you need to come up with that self esteem and confidence…click onto our inner pages!