Friday , August 14th 2020
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Plus Size Acceptance: The first step towards Loving your Size!!

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Being a “big” girl is not a sin!!  Irrespective of the raging controversies and labels that advertise the “perfect size”, being a plus sized woman is not a fault. So what if God gifted you with ample curves and a gorgeous figure!! A Gift is a Gift! 

 Accepting the fact that you are not quite part of the “anorexic” crowd is as important as realizing that it doesn’t make you a “loser”. YOU are YOU irrespective of SIZE!!

Easier said than done! But once you TAKE the First Step towards accepting your size, the rest comes easily.

Starting from scratch, what are the queries that burden you?

There are many downsides of being a “plus size” woman, or so you think! Are you also plagued by one or the other of the following QUESTIONS and WORRIES?

  • Being a plus size has its own health issues? You know risks and woes regarding pregnancy, menstrual cycles, and other worries…
  • Diets and plus size? Well, do plus size women diet more than “normal” sizes and does it actually work for them…
  • Plus size women have more emotional worries than thin women…after all the latter do NOT need to worry about insecurities…
  • Size and Success? Well, do they gel…I mean, I might be teased and harassed because of my size….

Well, the fact is, all of these issues are not specifically related to “Plus Size” women…thin and “perfect” size women have their fair share of health issues and other insecurities. All this comes with being human.

The world is abuzz with renewed interest in self actualization for all. This includes “fat” women as well. In fact, the fashion arena is itself moving beyond coded size cultures, and haute couture fashion has taken voluptuous women as its new endorsers!

All thanks to weight activists and fashion magazines. The world is moving on…why should you be stuck to age old ideas? So, you should accept your size, your body and your mind…all this leads to a boost in your confidence. 

Moving on…

TIPs that can help you accept your Size

Here is the much awaited list, just for you…

  • Count your inner value: Your body is not the last thing about you and it certainly is not the ONLY thing about you!! There is a lot more to a person than meets the eye. Your body is just a physical manifestation of your mind, and God knows you are a brilliant person. Why beat yourself up about a measly size variation? God made you the way you are for a reason, and you should value yourself for who you are, not how you look. You may be attracting appreciative glances but remain unaware simply because you are nervous about your size!! You matter – that’s the end of it!!
  • Try out new things: If you are feeling conscious about your size, the way to get rid of all that anxiety and replacing it with confidence is to try out new things everyday! As you encounter new challenges, and overcome them, your sense of confidence grows. Try new clothes, sports, even dating! You feel near invincible, and as “perfect” as any other woman, irrespective of your size. You might even come to love your size; after all, it makes you unique.
  • Swear off dieting: Stop dieting yourself into size, and equally important, get rid of your compulsive eating habits. Either extreme is detrimental to your health and psyche.  The first step is to stop restricting your food, and you will have normal responses to food.
  • Subject over object of “GAZE”: Imagine yourself as the subject, women and their bodies have been the object of “Gaze” for a long time now…it is almost as if society has forgotten what it feels like to BE a WOMAN! But you ARE a woman, full of confidence, who cares how others see you?! Your opinion about yourself comes first.  Try meditation and yoga to inculcate a positive attitude towards yourself.
  • Get realistic support: Surround yourself with people who are realistic about “size” factors. You need to turn to people who appreciate you for yourself, and friends who love you. Get professional advice about your health requisites, and avoid negative people who pass depreciating remarks.
  • Exercise to keep FIT irrespective of size: Size has nothing to do with keeping fit. Try out regular exercise, your body and mind both will benefit from it. Not to mention that you will accept yourself for what you are as your positive attitude grows.

Size has nothing to do with you as a person, you are a brilliant woman on the face of the Earth and there are millions of women out there who are proud to flaunt their “plus size” status! Join the gang with a flourish!!