Friday , July 3rd 2020
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Plus Size Fashion: Flaunt Your Curves!!

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Shakespeare said, “Clothes maketh a man”, and going by it YOU can make a difference too, with your fashion statement! 


So what if you’re a “big” woman, being voluptuous IS the “in-thing” these days!! Wave a firm and deliberate “Bye-Bye” to anorexic fashion statements, and move on to designer apparel that defines your “plus size” status with élan! Look at Queen Latifah! If you want further proof, just look up the “Top ten Plus Size models” rocking the fashion world on your favorite web browser. You will be left stumped for sure!!

Plus Size fashion is going places, and so can you, with just the right amount of care and discretion.

So how do you go about it?

Dressing yourself with a flourish, and watching heads turn as you walk down the aisle has its own kind of “plus points”! 

Photo Credit: Danimezza via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Danimezza via Compfight cc
So, where do you start?

Choose a fabric that flatters those curves. And we are NOT talking about flowing and flimsy clothes. We mean fabrics that have weight that will work to flaunt that amazing shape to its maximum potential.

But just choosing the right fabric is not enough, that’s just the first step! Next comes choosing the right cut, the right silhouette that will work to your advantage. When fashion designers claim that basic colors and bright shades work well for healthy women, trust them! After all, they are the experts!! There was a time when you would have been told to stick to blacks and browns and grays. No more! Now you can safely use bright fuchsia pinks and reds to complement your figure.

Once you have all these considerations working in your head, the next step is choosing the right apparel. You can easily make or mar your image with your choice in apparel. It is best to go for the trial and error method to choose what suits YOU!

But the ultimate concern for plus size fashion is inevitably your lingerie and accessories. With the correct lingerie and accessory you can make the most basic apparel look “killing”! Of course, in the “positive” sense of the term. 


Lingerie brands are coming up with specially made lingerie for plus size women even as you look them up. It is just a matter of choosing one that fits and enhances the bust shape. No point looking shabby when the industry is striving so hard to please…

So don’t forget to look up our inner pages where we deal with each of these points in greater detail. Nothing beats making a fashion statement, irrespective of size, and when you can use your size to your advantage, why not?? !

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