Friday , July 3rd 2020
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Romance for the Girl with a Plus size heart!!

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It is disheartening to know that most “big” girls refuse to give themselves a chance at love and happily ever-afters!

And if you don’t give yourself a chance, how on earth do you expect others to give you one? Really, it is just not done…beautiful girls with beautiful hearts, and living away from the boons of love and romance. Take a peek into the lives and claims of top notch plus size women who have allowed themselves to fly with the least inhibition…let’s take some inspiration!!

Romance for the Girl with a Plus size heart

Let us take a look at the hottest plus size women in the industry:

 You have…

Now let’s see what celebrity plus size women love about themselves:Jennifer Myers

“I love my athletic yet curvy figure. I’m confident with who I am and prove you don’t have to be a size 2 to be a healthy woman. If you work at it, you can have a rockin’ bod at any size!”

Jennifer is a leading plus size model.

SallyAnn Thibedeau

“I love my hour glass figure because it perfectly fills out the vintage style clothing I love to wear. Thanks to my curves, I can dress like Marilyn Monroe every day.”

Sally is an opera singer and model.

Marie Denee

“I have learned to embrace my body and shape through my years. I love my curves and shape, but most of all, I love my legs! I like the tone and shape of my thighs!”

She belongs to The Curvy Fashionista!

Maureen McClusky

“I am so much a split of my two parents—I am tall, curvy, soft, and strong. I am 5’8′, love to laugh, have great hair, have beautiful feet, can fill out a bra and a pair of pants. Clothes like me!”

Maureen is a plus size model and stylist.

“I would say that I love everything about [my body], and I make sure to keep a healthy lifestyle to maintain it like it is since I’m a true believer that heath is wealth.”

Sarah is a leading blogger.

So the fact is, even a plus size woman can find love and romance, if only she learns to love herself!

Love comes in all shapes and sizes, and real women admit to their feelings and affections. Contrary to popular notions, plus size women actually get married and have a happy married life.

If you still don’t believe us, let’s ask the men!!

Do plus size women have sex appeal? This is what they had to say about the following…

  • Sex appeal and the plus size women:

“Sex appeal” refers to a person’s charm and power of attraction. Most women, irrespective of size, are capable of flaunting their sex appeal. Any woman, irrespective of her shape and size can turn on her charms and bring men to her knees…

  • Curvy And Plus Size Women’s Beauty:

A female body has its own set of attributes, a large part of which depends on her background, her racial traits and the like. After all, some women would look their best when they are a little plump and men appreciate women who know how to flaunt their features, be it plumpness or curves!

  • Plus size women’s attractiveness:

A woman should be aware of her unique aspects to emphasize them. It is quite hard to imagine a woman who can’t generate interest or desire and men love women who know their plus points.

  • The diversity of female’s beauty:

Beauty is subjective as it rests in the beholder’s eyes. A beautiful heart can conquer millions…


Bottom line is, love yourself, and windows will open out wide for your love life…”plus size” label be hanged!!