Friday , July 3rd 2020
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The Plus Size Woman’s Guide To Boost Confidence

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Does your plus size status make you shy to go out and meet new people? But your size is not the only thing that defines you. After all, your personality alone can do a great job of impressing others.  If your size is playing culprit and preventing you from stepping out in style and with poise, then the time has come to shed your inhibitions and get going.

But what actually shows that your plus size is making you feel awkward?

Signs That Show Your Lack Of Confidence  

The pointers that show that you lack confidence are:

  • Inferiority complex
  • Overreaction/ intolerance to criticism
  • Defensive body language
  • Feel the need to justify behavior
  • Negative self-talk

But hey, even if you lack self-confidence, it doesn’t mean that you cannot build it anew.

Tips To Build Up Confidence…

Just don’t read these tips, utilize them and you will be rediscovering a newer “you” in no time.

  • Remember, clothes can surely affect the way you feel about yourself. So make sure that you wear clean clothes, and remain cognizant of the latest trends.

  • In fact, you can also enhance your self confidence by putting some zest in your steps. Unbelievable as it may sound, but people with confidence are seen to walk faster.
  • Will you call a person with lethargic movements and slumped shoulders very confident? Actually, if you practise good posture, you will feel confident automatically.

  • Don’t engage yourself in mindless gossips. Instead, try to compliment the people around you. This will make you well liked among others. Moreover, when you look for the best in others, in some way, you bring out the best in yourself.

  • If you are afraid of getting noticed, then you may want to sit at the back when you are attending your office meeting or a social get together and the like.But you can throw away this unreasonable fear by deciding to choose the front row to sit. This indirectly helps you to build confidence.

Remember, confidence is like a habit. So you may need to “practise” building confidence till you actually attain it.

You may find this site useful and interesting in this regard.

A Book That You May Also Find Helpful…

There is a book called Beautiful At Any Size: The Plus Size Woman’s Guide to Nurturing Confidence and Self-Esteem [Paperback] which can help you “cultivate” confidence in yourself. The author, Stephanie Rainbow Bell is Chief Conscious Creator/CEO of THE PLUS SIZE INNER PEACE NETWORK. The book is special in manifold ways.

  • The motivational book is based on the writer’s personal experience.
  • The author helps us to see our beauty and worth, irrespective of our body weight and shape.
  • The exercises that follow each chapter of the book will empower you.
  • The book is easy to read.

The book gains a rating of perfect 5 out of 5 stars at Readers agree that the book has helped them to think in a new way, and it has made them feel that life is filled with endless possibilities. A sneak peek of the book at will perhaps make you more convinced about buying the book.
As you can see making your confidence “plus size” is no mission impossible. Just keep a radiant heart, love yourself even more and try the little tricks you have just read about. That’s it.